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Shogun 2 Korea Mod tamdela




This mod is an example of Total War: SHOGUN 2 modding. Sun-Woo of uanim5 has continued to expand this mod, adding the Manchu Empire, Mongols and a few other countries. However, uanim5 has turned to the more traditional Total War style with him, and is working on a next expansion, along with Hanyong of Hard Mod 1. Features A variety of brand new units that reflect the real life influence that China had on Korea at the time. All of China has been added, including the Manchus. Many new cities have been added, including two major capital cities, all of the major provinces in China, and others around China. The entire Middle East has been added, including Persia, Egypt, Syria, Arabia, and Israel. The Manchus and other Northern tribes have been added to the campaign. The Manchus are a huge power, with even less territory than China proper. Months have been added for each province, instead of the traditional yearly dates. More information about a Chinese influence in Korea can be found in the full article: Korea's Relations with China and the Yuan Empire. Technical Details Total War: SHOGUN 2 mod by uanim5 contains 1,355,223 lines of code and was developed on Total War: SHOGUN 2. The patch weighs in at 1.9 GB. You need to install at least 1.5 GB of RAM. You need to have the latest drivers for your graphic card, as well as the latest DirectX and OpenGL versions. Total War: SHOGUN 2 mod by uanim5 contains 8 provinces: Korea, China, Mongolia, Manchuria, Russia, East Turkistan, Persia, and Central Asia. The patch has been tested on both the Mac and Windows versions of Total War: SHOGUN 2 and should run fine on any configuration. You need to have a hard disk of at least 2 GB. On the Mac version, the mod needs to be packed as a DMG. Source Code The source code of this mod can be downloaded in a zip archive, here. Install Instructions If you use Steam, you can install this patch from there. Otherwise, it can be installed from the file TotalWar-Sun-Woo-v1.3



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Shogun 2 Korea Mod tamdela

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